A team of technology enthusiasts ready to partner with you in Transformational Journeys and breakthrough IT initiatives. Know more about us and get in touch to build a relationship that will last through the whole lifecycle of your new projects.

Working on enterprise software for years, we take out the best methodologies and concepts and we apply them to other contexts.

IT Infrastructure Library, Agile Methods, Scribing and Knowledge Work. Concepts which help to innovate.

“A characteristic of intuitive solutions and new ideas is that of being obvious once they are discovered” Edward De Bono

Working with customers from different cultural and economic backgrounds, we played diverse roles in Transformational Programs and IT Innovation Initiatives.

Our inspiration comes from the spirit of the great explorers and pioneers of the past. We think our role is to select and amplify the best technologies as consultants, but also commit as partners in the delivery, development and follow up of your projects.